Never underestimate the power of a 

Leather Jacket

Get INSTANT ACCESS to stylists that will turn your dated into date night by pulling together great looks you didn't even know you could do!


Get rid of Closet Anxiety due to

  • Same stuff, different day

  • Need a second set of eyes to revamp what you see everyday

  • Stuck wearing only 10% of what you own

  • Dated wardrobe 

Choose what works best for you:

The STAGE. 60-minute Styling Session: Choice of - Perfecting looks in your closet; Picking your wardrobe for the week; Packing for an upcoming trip; Professional looks for presentations.  



The BALCONY. 30-minute Online Shopping Session: We will online shop for up to 25 pieces that will update and maintain your new look! You'll have access to them in your virtual shopping cart. We suggest doing this seasonally.


The MEZZANINE. 15-minute Fast Fix Styling Session. Perfect for last minute decisions and fast-paced gals!


Your first step begins with a complimentary Consultation. Connect with Maggie and learn what your true personal style is and how to achieve it.


Life is an event... dress accordingly.


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